Creating meaningful narratives.


ETV Film Inc is a boutique Canadian production company located at Pinewood Toronto Studios. ETV Film Inc has multimedia production capabilities including; production of original web content, website and web product design, short feature and mini documentary, commercial content and executive production of feature films and television. ETV Film Inc has recently executively produced Canadian feature films ‘Patchtown’ (dir. Craig Goodwill), which premiered at the 2014 Palm Springs Film Festival, and ‘The Returned’. ETV Film Inc has also developed an operates two websites; a film & entertainment website established in 2010 and the fashion & arts and culture website established in 2013. Other website clients include The company is currently focusing on multimedia or ‘convergent’ productions, capsule television dramas, and independent film production. For production services and dynamic content creation, email us at

Our objective is to create meaningful narratives and communicate them in a visual and dynamic way.

Check out our 2014 reel for a taste of what we are up to.

ETV Films Inc. Productions Reel from ETV Films Inc. on Vimeo.

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